VLF € ThreeYear Guarantee

Interest Rate:

4 % guaranteed from date of investment.
Interest rate is based on 360 banking days to 255 market days

Fond management:

ViennaLifeLtd 105 Bonadie Road Kingstown St.Vincent+Grenadines


 4211 South 102nd Street USA,  Omaha, NE 68127

Banking account:

VL  BIC: OPSKATWW  IBAN: AT026000000085048939

Banking address:

Postsparkasse AG A 1018  Vienna, R.Koch-Platz 1

Minimum investment:

€  20000-

Investment fee:

4 %

Reinvestment fee:

1 % after outrunning year for first investment including interest gain

Redemption fee:

1 %

Management fees:

no fee will be charged

Other fees:

no other fees or cost will be charged


paid in St.Vincent. VLF is not responsible for any tax regulations within
your home country. Please take care of the specific regulations

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